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She graduated from the University of Lagos, Nigeria with a Bsc (Hons) Zoology in 1981. Started work with the Federal Department of Fisheries in January 1983. In 1987 – She got her Post-Graduate Diploma in Agricultural Economics from the University of Reading, UK And in 1988 She obtained her M Sc in Agricultural Economics from the University of London’s WYE College/ Imperial College, UK.
She is a Trail-Blazer who set up standards, prerequisite conditions and documentations for the fish trade and Import processes in Nigeria. From January 2009 till date She has been the Divisional Head of Fish Trade, Fish Processing Storage and Marketing Division of the Federal Department of Fisheries, Nigeria.
•Member of Inter-Agency Technical Committee on Non-oil Exports coordinated by Nigeria Export Promotion Council in Sept 2015
• She was one of the members for consultancy survey on value chain analysis in Nigeria for the pelagic and stockfish market by Norweigan Sea Food Council (Norway)
• In December, 2012 – She was a member of the Fourth FAO CITES EXPERTS ADVISORY PANEL, FAO – Rome.
• She was also member of the FAO/CITES WORKSHOP to review the Application and Effectiveness of International Regulatory Measures for the Conservation and Sustainable use of Elasmobranchs, Genazzano, Italy, 19th – 23rd July, 2012.
• Member Communique Drafting Committee on Fisherier (COFI) 12th Committee on Fish Trade, Bueno-Aires, Argentina, 26th – 30th April, 2010
• Member Communique Drafting Committee on Fisheries (COFI) 13th Committee on Fish Trade, Hydrabad, India, 8th – 12th February, 2012.
• Member of Delegate of the 4th Nigeria’s Trade Review Policy (By WTO) To World Trade Organization, Geneva, 28th -30th June, 2011.
• Member of Delegate to the WTO Ministerial Cnference (Chaired by Nigeria); Geneva, Switzerland, 20th -23th December, 2011
• She is a member of the Fisheries Society of Nigeria (FISON) as well as member of the International Institute of Fisheries Economics and Trade (IIFET).

Some of her publications includes:
(A) Markets and Marketing of Fish and Fishery products in Nigeria; (IIFET 2014).
(B) Women in Fish value –Chain in Nigeria (IIFET 2010)
(C) The International Trade Mechanism – World Trade Organization (WTO); (May, 2011)
(D) Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries and Responsible Fish Trade; (May, 2011).
(E) Principles of Fish Processing and Preservation, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) and Traceability; (September, 2010).
(F) Best Practices in Fish Production, Processing and International Trade in Nigeria (February, 2010)
(G) Modern Fish Processing Methods (November, 2006)
(H) Fish Preservation and Processing Methods (August 2005)
(I) Fish Marketing in Nigeria (WYE College: 1988)
(J) Processing of the Symposium on Assistance to Rural Women in Fishing Communities (Fed Dept. of Fisheries: 1988)
(K) Fish Preservation and Marketing in Lagos State (Reading: 1987)
(L) Nigeria Fish Imports: 1980 -1984 (Fed Dept. of Fisheries)
(M) Fish Prices and types in Lagos State: 1980 – 1985 (Fed Dept. of Fisheries).
(N) Contribution to the Biology of the Grey Mullet, Mugil cephallus (Linnaeus) in the Lagos Lagoon (University of Lagos, 1981)