Techinsight Global Concept / CAPACITY BUILDING

Capacity building is the heart of every solution we deployed. At Techinsight, it is our core competence to professionally coordinate a process of deliberate interventions to (i) upgrade skills, (ii) improve procedures, and (iii) strengthen organizations. We are poised at encouraging our clients to investment in their staff ICT knowledge, institutionalized a formidable ICT structure and practices that will enable them to achieve their development objec­tives. ICT human capacity building for developed organization focuses on the ability of organizations to fully leverage and capitalize on the tools and opportunities provided by ICTs in meeting their development targets – this we ensured that our esteem clients achieve through the following:

  • Diverse People and Training Concepts
  • Develop policies to ensure that ICTs are fully integrated in training at all levels in the organization since there is no development without the use of IT
  • Promote e-literacy skills for all, for example by designing and offering courses for public administration, taking advantage of existing facilities such as libraries, multipurpose community centers, public access points and by establishing local ICT training centers with the cooperation of all stakeholders

We partner with governments, cooperation with other stakeholders in creating programmes for capacity building with an emphasis on creating a critical mass of qualified and skilled ICT professionals and experts.

Develop pilot projects to demonstrate the impact of ICT-based alternative educational delivery systems, notably for achieving Education for All targets, including basic literacy targets.

We work on removing the gender barriers to ICT education and training and promoting equal training opportunities in ICT-related fields for women and girls. Early intervention programmes in science and technology should target young girls with the aim of increasing the number of women in ICT careers. Promote the exchange of best practices on the integration of gender perspectives in ICT education.

We also empower local communities, especially those in rural and underserved areas, in ICT use and promote the production of useful and socially meaningful content for the benefit of all.

As part of our capacity building strategy is the launch of ICT training programmes in Portal design, Desktop publishing, Enterprise solutions, ERP and other software usage in order to meet the educational needs of information professionals, such as Public administrators, Civil servants, archivists, librarians, professionals, scientists, teachers, journalists, postal workers and other relevant professional groups.

Training of information professionals should focus not only on new methods and techniques for the development and provision of information and communication services, but also on relevant management skills to ensure the best use of technologies. This is what set us different from our competitors. We do not only focus on the training end-users on newly deployed solutions but we also launch pilot projects to design sustainable forms of ICT-based networking, linking education, training and research institutions that will make our clients develop self-learning and self-development capacities.

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