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Get the most out of your labor force with Techinsight Human Capital Management services

At Techinsight, we offer comprehensive Human Capital Management services designed to simplify the complex responsibilities facing HR professionals. These solutions include talent management, robust workforce analytics and planning as well as core HR solutions.

Why human capital management?

Employees are the most valuable resource within any organization. Carefully managing all aspects of the employee lifecycle is essential to ensure optimal performance and employee satisfaction.

Our HCM services

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality human capital management services. These services and solutions include:

Core Human Resources & Payroll Solutions

Techinsight will decentralize administrative HR processes by automating these key processes and implementing a central data repository based on industry best practices and procedures.

Talent Management

We focus on employee engagement and aligning the workforce with your business’ strategic vision. Our talent management services equip you with tools that enhance interaction and data flow between employees and their managers, and consequently optimize career development and succession planning processes.

Time and Attendance Management

Empower your employees to better manage their time and equip managers with the knowledge to make better planning decisions. Techinsight will design a simplified absence and attendance recording interface that best suits your business. This will include a number of valuable features including a flexible time recording feature which is accessible via mobile phones and other channels.

Workforce Planning and Analytics Solution

Our highly skilled team will guide your organization to the root cause of operational issues. We will provide invaluable insights and analytics into hiring, retaining and developing talent. This information will allow your organizations to make projections for future growth and informed strategic decisions.

Why Techinsight HCM Services?

We have a team of leading experts capable of providing the best advice and solutions for your business. Our services offer a number of benefits for each of our clients including:

Integration across all business processes.
From initial hire through to employee departure, our human capital management services will integrate all aspects of your operation, creating a seamless and well-functioning operation.

Enhanced Productivity

By automating everyday business processes, employee efficiency is increased and systems become less prone to error. Your employees will be relieved from mundane tasks and freed to focus on more strategic and productive activities. Increased overall performance. Integration leads to decentralization, which in turn ensures coherence and efficiency. You will avoid duplication and discontinuity, creating a high performing workforce.

Valuable Insights

Through quality reports and performance analysis, you will be equipped with valuable knowledge that will allow you to assess where you are, where you want to be and how to get there.