Get the most out of your labor force with Techinsight Production Planning Services.

At Techinsight, we offer comprehensive Production Planning services designed to simplify the complex responsibilities facing Production in Organizations.

Why Production Planning?

To remain competitive in the manufacturing industry, the automation of the production process is very pivotal to staying ahead.

Our Production Planning solution facilitates the comprehensive planning and scheduling of production activities, it reduces inventory and work in process. The solution also aligns schedules with customer demand, plant-floor status while optimizing throughput and cycle times.

Manufacturing firms are able to use the solution to guarantee material availability, which is used to procure or produce the required quantities on time both for internal purposes, sales and distribution. The solution covers the complete manufacturing process such as monitoring of stock, automatic creation of procurement proposals for purchasing, production running and processing.

Our Production Planning services

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality Production Planning services to address business needs. These services and solutions include:

Discrete Manufacturing:

Discrete manufacturing is an industry term for the manufacturing of finished products that are distinct items, capable of being easily counted, touched or seen. The Discrete Manufacturing scenario can be used in different variants, production by lot size, make-to-order production and assembly processing.

Process Manufacturing:

It is an integrated planning tool for batch and recipe-oriented process manufacturing. It is primarily designed for the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries as well as the batch-oriented electronics industry.

Repetitive Manufacturing:

With repetitive manufacturing, master plans are typically created on a period and quantity basis, not based on orders. A quantity of one product is manufactured over a certain period. The product is processed in a constant flow and interim products are generally not stocked.


Kanban is a procedure for production control and material flow control that avoids any time-consuming requirement planning and implements requirements-oriented production control. With kanban, a material is produced or procured only when it is actually required. A specific quantity of the components required to produce a material are stored on-site in containers. Once a container is empty, this component is replenished in accordance with a predefined strategy (in-house production, external procurement, or stock transfer).

Why Techinsight Material Management Services?

We have a team of leading experts capable of providing the best advice and solutions for your business. Our Production planning services has brought immense benefits to our clients businesses over the years. Some of these benefits include:

– Higher on-time delivery record when customer delivery dates are integrated with material availability and real-time manufacturing conditions. Thereby increasing customer satisfaction

-Adjust plans and schedules in synchronization with information from the enterprise, suppliers, and the plant floor.

-Speeds up the decision making process by management affecting the overall production cycle

-SAP Production planning can be fully integrated with other SAP modules such as materials management, finance, controlling, plant maintenance, quality management, sales and distribution and project system