Techinsight Global Concept / SYSTEMS INTEGRATION

Our experience, expertise and end-to-end approach to systems integration help you to reap the rewards while avoiding the pitfalls.

We help you to:

  • Consolidate your systems and improve their efficiency
  • Transform your network environment without disrupting your customers
  • Simplify and speed up the introduction of new services and technologies.

We would efficiently take charge of your systems and processes while ensuring adequate confidentiality. Your operations support systems (OSS) ought to be an asset supporting your business. But can they cope with ever-rising demand for operational excellence, with converging technologies?

This is why Techinsight is there for you as your one stop shop for IT Governance, Infrastructure Implementation, and System Integration Services Providers while bridging gaps between Business Strategies and Technology Investments through skills and competence building. We help evolve your systems and data environment as you move from telecom-specific technologies to IP technologies and open your OSS to different partners. When you add new systems, new services or new customers, it is far too easy to build parallel vertical Business Support Systems, each in control of its own customer data.

We can help you reduce the number of systems and capitalize on your existing investments in order to reduce your OPEX and boost your business. We ensure you have an agile environment – with the right organization, processes and tools – that supports efficient data management, innovative offerings and smooth, standardized self-care.

With our Solution Life-Cycle Management service, you can safely evolve your solutions to match your changing business, technology and operational demands. You’ll be guided through each step of a solution’s life cycle to ensure that new technologies and features can be introduced quickly and used optimally and cost-effectively.

We address your business requirements and support the evolution of your end-user services by:

  • Identifying opportunities.
  • Analyzing the impact of identified changes.
  • Recommending solutions.
  • Delivering integration projects of all sizes.

Our life-cycle management service draws on our leading competence, global knowledge networks, repertoire of tools and selected partners.